"The book is fabulous. I love the message. The pictures are great too!" - Tracy W. Boston, MA ~~~~~ "I love your book!! I thought it was excellent!! I think my husband is also a 'Superdad' so I’ll plan to give it to him for some special occasion." - Katie T. ~~~~~ "I got your book yesterday, it is fantastic!!!! It was my gift to my neice and her Dad and they loved it." - Lindsey R. ~~~~~ "This is an excellent book to read to your children. It ends up being an nice and understated homage to all the super dads out there who are taking care of their families." - HM, Boston ~~~~~ "Absolutely loved the illustrations and the quality of the print – it’s such a fun, bright book, classic and contemporary at the same time. The girls (ages 2) absoluely loved the book and didn't want to put it down! Anna, Boston, MA" ~~~~~ "My daughter is OBSESSED with super dad!! She has had to read over and over the past 3 days! Lol." - Alicia, Boston, MA" ~~~~~

~ About the Book ~

This sweet and sunny book is the perfect gift for the SuperDad in your life! Brimming with colorful illustrations, each page narrates one of the many activities this fun-loving dad and his family engage in throughout the year, from frosting cakes to playing baseball, building sandcastles to reading bedtime stories. Kids are sure to enjoy the catchy rhymes and vivid pictures, while Dad will appreciate being told: “He is like no other, he’s special you see – He’s SuperDad to my family and me!”

~ About Troika Publishing ~

What is Troika?
The meaining of troika (per Webster's Dictionary)

troi·ka  noun  Spelled[troi-kuh] 

1. Any group of three persons, nations, etc., acting equally in unison to exert
influence, control, or the like.

To Yana it means:  3 of a kind...together stronger than apart (family!)

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