"The book is fabulous. I love the message. The pictures are great too!" - Tracy W. Boston, MA ~~~~~ "I love your book!! I thought it was excellent!! I think my husband is also a 'Superdad' so I’ll plan to give it to him for some special occasion." - Katie T. ~~~~~ "I got your book yesterday, it is fantastic!!!! It was my gift to my neice and her Dad and they loved it." - Lindsey R. ~~~~~ "This is an excellent book to read to your children. It ends up being an nice and understated homage to all the super dads out there who are taking care of their families." - HM, Boston ~~~~~ "Absolutely loved the illustrations and the quality of the print – it’s such a fun, bright book, classic and contemporary at the same time. The girls (ages 2) absoluely loved the book and didn't want to put it down! Anna, Boston, MA" ~~~~~ "My daughter is OBSESSED with super dad!! She has had to read over and over the past 3 days! Lol." - Alicia, Boston, MA" ~~~~~

~ About the Author ~

Yana is a working mother of three and lives with her husband and kids in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. She was inspired to write SuperDad by her family and parents everywhere. This book is about children, parents and the love they share year-round!  Yana hopes this book will serve as a fun way for children to tell their SuperDad just how super he is! All profits from the sale of SuperDad will be donated to charities supporting children's causes. E-mail Yana here: superdadbook@gmail.com

~ About the Artist ~

Mike Dammer was born on the southside of Chicago and attended Saint Xavier University where he studied business and fine art. Upon graduation he worked full time at an art studio, while he continued studies at the American Academy of Art. Mike then worked for a greeting card company for almost a year before going freelance.  Through the years he has illustrated numerous coloring, puzzle and game books... musical sound, educational, and story books, pop up brochures, print ads, storyboards, p-o-p displays, packaging, gameboards and toys. He worked on things as small as pocketsized greeting cards and icons to full sized billboards.  Mike lives in the southwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife, Jean. He is a "SuperDad” to 3 grown kids.  To find out more info about Mike Dammer visit www.wilkinsonstudios.com

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